Monday, 15 October 2007

NYC - Chinatown - Coluck Restaurant

Last Friday, Catie, Anne and I went to Coluck Restaurant in NYC Chinatown located in a tunnel between Elizabeth St/Bowery and Bayard St/Canal St. The shop is amongst a few eateries there which includes New Malaysia Restaurant and Yummy Noodles. Funny thing is that there is no English, and only Chinese wordings on the signboard so the best way of knowing you’ve got the right place is to look at the menu and spot the word ‘Coluck’ in the names of some dishes.

I have bypassed this eatery many times when I go to New Malaysian and Yummy Noodles but have never tried their food till Catie suggested we do since there’s good reviews of them on Yelp and Menupages. The prices are reasonable; apparently they used to be cheaper pre-renovation, it does look brighter and cleaner now after the renovation. Service was fast but don’t expect the wait staffs to be all smiley and friendly, they do what they got to do and that’s it. I did approach one of the waitresses and asked if she is from Malaysia, she finally smiled and said yes then asked when I’m from, I told her ‘Singapore’, after that she was friendly and smiled at us more … hee hee.

They serve both Asian and Western food so I guess you get the both worlds especially when you have a group of friends, they can have either one, or have them all! .. ha! Here’s what we ate:

Black Bean Ribs on White Rice
Fried Cruller aka You Tiao

Anne and I shared:
A bowl of Shark’s Fin Soup (came with a buttered toast)
Chinese Pancake with Peking Duck
Pork & Salted Fish Rice Noodles (Mei Fun)
Stewed Oxtail on White Rice

Anne and I spent $12 each (tips included), we only liked the Chinese Pancake with Peking Duck, we felt the other dishes were so-so but we will be back again to try the other dishes and of course have the Chinese Pancake again … heh heh.

It’s a good place to hang out with friends, have drinks, snacks and chit chat away!

Coluck Restaurant
16 Elizabeth Street
(between Bayard St & Canal St)
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212-7326322