Monday, 15 October 2007

NYC - Midtown - Shanghai Mong Fusion Chinese Restaurant

On Friday, after hanging out in Chinatown then 34st, Anne and I decided to go Shanghai Mong since I kept telling her how much I enjoyed the jjajangmyeon 炸醬麵 and she's never been there before. It was very crowded but the wait wasn't that long, we were asked to go to the middle room and waited on the round chair, in less than 10 mins we were seated in the inner room which was really cosy. We both had the Noodle & Seafood with Black Bean Sauce (jjajangmyeon 炸醬麵) & Noodle Soup Seafood with hot red pepper - $8.95, the bowl had a partition so we got 2 different tastes which was so cool, not forgetting delicious too! I can't wait to go back again ... heh heh.