Sunday, 30 September 2007

NYC - Chinatown - Hong Kong Station

Skin getting dry, pores getting bigger, more and more freckles, that's the condition of my face lah ... heh heh, which is why I went to get a facial in Chinatown yesterdays since I still have a package of quite a few sessions left of the basic cleansing facial. Been many months since I last went there so as usual the beautician tries to sell me a more expensive package ... blah blah blah. I told her I wouldn't mind paying more to try that for 1 session but that's it, too bad! Anyway she was good at her work, I just wish she would shut up when I tell her 'no thanks to adding more to my current package' the next time ... heh heh.

After the facial, I was feeling hungry so I walked around to see what's good and end up at Hong Kong Station which is a Chinese 'Fast-Food' eatery where you choose your own noodles @$1.50 per portion and add on toppings which had a wide selection of beef, pork, fishballs, vegetables and many others @$1 each portion, you'll definitely be spoiled for choice cos I was for sure, I wanted every item but if I did then I would have needed a wheelbarrow to take me out ... hahaha.

Here's what I had in my bowl:

Noodle - Thick Noodle aka Mee Pok $1.50

Beef Stew - $1
Beef Tripe - $1
Beef Balls -$1
Mushroom - $1
Vegetables - $1

Garlic Sauce
Parsley & Scallion

Along with the bowl of noodle, I also had a taro bubble tea which was $3 so my meal came up to $9.50 which is within my budget of $10 ... hee hee. Apart from noodles, they have toasts, sandwiches, desserts and wide selection of drinks.

I have bypassed this eatery many many times but never made an attempt even to try but after this 1st try, I am sure I will be back more often as it was super yummy especially the soup which was very tasty, my mouth is watering now as I type. The places is clean and neat, I saw a lady going around cleaning and cleaning, wondering if she ever stops to rest. I had a little language problem with the server, she spoke in Cantonese and I had a hard time telling her what I wanted, good thing she got a co-worker who spoke English to attend to me so that was cool, overall the staff were friendly and nice. Can't wait to take some of my friends there.

Hong Kong Station
45 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 233-0288