Saturday, 6 October 2007

NYC - Midtown - Hyo Dong Gak

I watch a lot of Korean dramas and was always curious about ‘Jjajangmyeon’ 炸醬麵 which is noodle with thick black bean gravy either with meat or seafood that they are always eating. After sniffing around Yelp, I found Hyo Dong Gak which had good reviews for that particular dish so off I went today with my friend, Catie.

I had jjajangmyeon 炸醬麵 - Noodles with Seafood Brown Sauce - $7.95 while Catie ordered the Noodles with Chicken & Seafood soup - $6.95, we shared a Fried Dumpling (8 pieces) - $5.95. The portions were big and as you can see the pricing very reasonable.

They have 2 different kind of menu, one consists of the regular Chinese-American dishes and the other will have Korean dishes, you would have to ask them for that. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t give us banchan which are the appetizers other Korean restaurants usually serves. Half way through our meal, I then realized that other patrons had some small dishes of kimchi and takuan (yellow pickles) so I asked the waited, ‘Do you have appetizers?’, he said ‘Yea’ and came back with an empty bowl with a pair of chopsticks … *faintz*Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket … he probably didn’t understandPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket what I said so Catie asked him if they have kimchi, he came backPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwith small dishes of kimchi and takuan (yellow pickles) + onion, does it mean if we didn’t ask, we don’t get? … sigh. Service wise was so-so, nothing to rave about.

The jjajangmyeon 炸醬麵 was ok, it looked good but had not much taste so I added a lot of hot pepper powder for the added spiciness which made it tastier. Catie wrote in her Yelp review that her noodle soup was good. The fried dumplings were however disappointing, even though the dish presentation was very nice, the meat filling had no taste at all, thank goodness for the sauce. At least now I know how jjajangmyeon 炸醬麵 tastes like … heh hehPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket.

Hyo Dong Gak
51 West 35th Street
(Between 5 & 6 Avenue)
New York, NY10001