Tuesday, 3 July 2007

NYC - 118 Bagus Malaysia Restaurant

Friends who knows me, knows that I can be quite diplomatic when it comes to food, when the taste is out a little, I would still be nice about it and say 'It's ok lah'. I am always game to try new Malaysian restaurants in New York City especially those in Chinatown and I have to say New Malaysia Restaurant is still my all-time favourite.

Today I went to check out 118 Bagus Malaysia Restaurant after hearing and reading good reviews about their food, I have to say it was the worse I have tried in NYC so far, the Hainanese chicken rice 海南鸡饭 was tasteless 没有味道, the chilli sauce was too sweet and not spicy 不辣 at all. The roti canai was too chewy like it was not cooked properly and the curry for dipping was too sweet. I can't believe they use the word Bagus which means Good in the malay language, I have to say it was TAK BAGUS meaning NOT GOOD 不好吃. For sure I won't be back for a long long time eventhough their food is reasonably cheap.

118 Bagus Malaysia Restaurant
1 Doyers St
New York, NY10013