Sunday, 24 June 2007

NYC - Brooklyn - Masu Masu

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It was a fun and again belly filled day for me, got invited to a really nice restaurant named Masu Masu in Brooklyn. It was a long commute on the subway, about 1 hr 45 mins from the Bronx to Brooklyn but it sure was worth the trip cos the food was simply delicious. Masu Masu is a sushi asian fusion restaurant, it has the best of both worlds where you can have a taste of Japanese and Malaysian food. We had sashimi, sushi, rolls, steamed fish, deep-fried sweet & sour fish, char kway teow 炒粿條, seafood hor fun 海鲜河粉, coconut pudding and green tea ice-cream, everyone sure enjoyed the meal plus I even got to take home Hainanese chicken rice 海南鸡饭 and that tasted really really good!

Masu Masu
1114-1116 Ave U.
Brooklyn, NY11223
Tel: 718-998-8868