Monday, 25 June 2007

My Cooking - Chinese Sunday Dinner

Isn't it great that whenever you cook something and they turn out good, feels like a big achievement right! ... ha ha, unfortunately I don't have proper recipes for my cooking, always based on estimations so the tastes are never consistent ... hee hee, anyway who cares when they turn out delicious ... heh heh.

For lunch, I made petai with shrimps and anchovies using my mom's homemade chilli and it was soooooooooo good eventhough my mouth was 'burning' from the spicyness. Can't wait to go to Chinatown again to get more petais.

Spicy Petai with Shrimp & Anchovies

For sunday dinner, I made hubby's favourtie dish of cucumber (sometimes onions) with shrimp in tomato sauce, a new experimantal dish of stir fry thin-sliced potato with chicken and spring onions which the hubby told me tasted good and simple stir fry vegetables.

Stir Fry Thin-sliced Potato with Chicken & Spring onions

This dish was inspired by Wennn's Potatos Day, I made it my own way though ... lol.

Cucumber with Shrimps in Tomato Sauce

This is definitely the hubby's all-time favourite. Hmm ... I overcooked the shrimps but he enjoyed it so much that he didn't noticed ... hee hee.

Stir-fry Vegetables

Dinner was good and I'm glad there's some leftovers for my lunch tomorrow ... hee hee.