Sunday, 30 September 2007

NYC - Lower Manhattan - Chinatown

On Wednesday, I dragged my sickie poo ass out of bed and went to Chinatown for lunch with my friend. I almost bailed on her cos I was feeling icky but I am glad I didn't as we had such a great day out.

My friend loves Asian food, not forgetting Asian men too ... hee hee so we decided to have lunch at Yummy Noodles where we had Vegetable Lo Mein ala Hong Kong Style, Crispy Pig and Chicken & Mushroom Claypot Rice. We spent a few hours in there eating and talking which was nice.

After lunch, she wanted something sweet so I took her to Egg Custard King Cafe for dessert, she had ice coffee, almond egg custard and cream puff while I had ice Horlicks, egg custard and a slice of green tea roll which were not too sweet and that was what I liked. We continued our chit chatting session there till early evening.

We then continued the day browsing the little Chinese stores and then went shopping at Asia Market Corporation, an Asian grocery that sells spices and packaged goods imported from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, and Japan.

Asia Market Corporation
71 1/2 (half) Mulberry Street
New York, NY10013

After we went separate ways, I went for a long walk from Chinatown to Union Square, stopping now and then to snap pictures and did a little shopping. I checked out a little clothing store, Madness that had cute and nice stuff at very reasonable pricing then I went to Pearl River Mart, a Chinese American store selling all sorts of good quality Chinese goods. When I got to Union Square, I went to Trader Joe’s to get some snacks then got on the subway and made my merry way home, I was very tired but it didn't matter cos I had a really good day out.

Madness Boutique
305 Canal Street
New York, NY10013

Pearl River Mart
477 Broadway
New York, NY10013