Monday, 6 August 2007

NYC - Midtown - Joe's Shanghai Restaurant

After a fun day at the American Museum of Natural History, we went to have dinner at Joe's Shanghai Restaurant in midtown since my friends wanted some Shanghainese food. It was a saturday evening but the restaurant was kinda empty, we proceeded to the upper floor and got seated really quickly. We ordered the following:
Pork Steamed Soup Buns 小籠包
Chinese Ham W. Winter Melon Soup
Rice Cakes with Chicken
String beans
Filet Mignon Black Pepper Corn Sauce
Steamed Chilean Sea Bass
Pan Fried Red Bean Pancakes for dessert

The food was just so-so, nothing fantastic, only the Pork Steamed Soup Buns 小籠包 were good and the Rice Cakes with Chicken was decent. The skin of Pan Fried Red Bean Pancakes were too thick. Sigh, overall the dinner was disappointing.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My friend and her family still likes the food at Wu Liang Ye very much.