Sunday, 8 April 2007

A & W Root Beer

Good old A & W root beer (now they have diet ... YAY!). This drink brings back much memories of my childhood back in Singapore when my dad took mom and I to the A & W restaurant at Dunearn Road where we had hot dogs and root beer float in frosted-glass mugs. Sometimes we did the drive-in and ate in the car. It was a fun outing for us every week and I would get all excited whenever I hear the word A & W being mentioned, I guess in those days, kids were more easily pleased than now. I sure miss the big A & W bear and his orange sweater.
Note: The A & W restaurant in Singapore was first opened in the year 1966 as the first fast food restaurant from America. The chain expanded in the later years, including one at Singapore Zoo which closed in 1999. It had 7 outlets around the island but the chain's Singapore operations dwindled in the 2000s and A&W finally closed in 2003.