Saturday, 7 April 2007


Straying off from the topic of food, I just wanna say I MISS MY BUDDY, KT. She and her hubby, KOMT are away in Seattle for the weekend, we don't even live in the same state but I just miss yakking with her on the phone eventhough we just chatted online a few hours ago ... hahaha! I sure am not looking forward to summer, not only of the the heat and humidity in NYC but because they will be away in Japan for many weeks!!! Sob! Sob! I guess it's payback time as I was recently away in Singapore for 6 weeks and she wrote in her blog that she missed me ... aaaawwwww ... hee hee. Payback's a bitch lah! However on a happier note, I will be seeing them in less than 2 weeks' time when they come for Singapore Day in NYC!!! YAY!!!!
Note: Picture was added later.