Sunday, 29 April 2007

Chinatown with the Ryans

1st ROUND of breakfast at Bo Ky Restaurant
Bo Ky Vietnamese Restaurant
80 Bayard St (Bet Mulberry & Mott st)
New York, NY10013
Tel: 212-406-2292
Bo Ky Restaurant Great chilliBefore After (so goooooooood!)Prawn rolls Deep fried tofuLemongrass beef steak

2nd Round of breakfast at Hon Wong on Canal Street
Hon Wong Restaurant
244 Canal St
New York, NY10013
Tel: 212-966-8832

Congee You Tiao (Fried Dough)

As usual, whenever Karen comes to NY, she would want her mee pok, congee and chinese bun fix at NY Chinatown. We first went to Bo Ky Restaurant where she and I had mee pok with fish dumplings while Bruce had Lemongrass steak with rice. On the side we also had the prawn rolls and deep fried tofu ... that was sooooooooo good ... burp! After that, we proceeded to Hon Wong to have some congee, you tiao (fried dough) and dumplings ... hahaha, yes we are greedy and we love it!

Tai Pan Bakery on Canal Street

Tai Pan Bakery Chinatown Incorporated

194 Canal St
New York, NY 10013-4516
Tel: 212-732-2222

After getting our fills of mee pok and congee, we went to Tai Pan Bakery for their yummy bread/buns.

It was overall a great weekend spent with the Ryans, come back for visit soon ok!