Sunday, 29 April 2007

After Singapore Day event .... dinner at Koreantown New York

Mandoo Gui - Broiled Dumplings
Yakiniku - Korean BBQ Bibimbap
Spicy Tofu Soup

After spending more than half a day at the Singapore day, we went back to the Bruce and Karen's hotel to drop off the goodie bags and then went shopping, after which we went back to the hotel again to chill out till dinner time. For dinner, Bruce (Thank you!) took us to Kang Suh Restaurant in Koreantown at 32st which was very good and yummy, the pictures tells you all ... hee hee. After filling our bellies, we made our merry way home, Bruce and Karen back to the hotel of course, duh! ... hahaha!

Kang Suh
1250 Broadway (@32st bet 5 & 6 Ave)
New York, NY10001
Tel: 212-564-6845