Sunday, 29 April 2007

Singapore Day 2007 in New York

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Ok ok, I know this is long overdue ... hee hee. Singapore Day in New York came and went on April 21, 2007 at Central Park. Eventhough a hot day, Karen, Bruce (specially flew in from Memphis, TN for the event) and myself had a good time, we got to taste Singapore food cooked by Singaporean hawkers specially flown in from Singapore just for the event. They had Siang Siang chwee kueh, 328 katong laksa, Tian Tian chicken rice, Outram park bak kut teh, Huat Huat fried carrot cake, Casuarina roti prata, Killiney kaya roti, Boon Tat street BBQ stingray, Selera Rasa nasi lemak, Alhambra Padang satay, Thye Hong Fried prawn noodles & char kway teow, Tian Jin Hai chilli & pepper crab and Yeo's drinks. They gave away Yeo's chicken rice chilli and fried rice sauce too.

We were there early so we had the chwee kueh (1 piece only!), chicken rice (nice portion, the chilli was very good but very spicy) and laksa. Since Karen and I don't eat mutton, we didn't try the roti prata, however Bruce did and he said it was good. As the day went on, it got really crowded and the lines (as usual Singaporeans were well-behaved and queue up for everything) for the food was super long, we stood in line for 45 mins just to get a teeny bit of carrot cake, what a bummer.
Check out the long lines!

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