Thursday, 29 March 2007

Singapore - Instant Soya Sauce Egg 卤蛋

Instant Soya Sauce Egg 卤蛋
Originally uploaded by seraphim1970.

What will they come out next?! When I saw 卤蛋 (Soya Sauce Egg) being sold cooked and prepacked in Singapore's 7-11 store, I just had to laugh and of course buy to try ... hee hee. From young 卤蛋 (Soya Sauce Egg) has always been one of my faves, mom would always make braised pork 卤肉 with beancurd 豆干 and of course not forgetting adding the eggs 鸡蛋. The taste of this instand egg is not too bad either, nothing like the real thing though, I like the texture which is chewy.

P/s Ms KT, I am bringing back for you to try lah! Hopefully custom can go thru though, wish me luck!