Thursday, 29 March 2007

Singapore - Mom's Cooking - Pigs' Trotters with Ginger in Black Vinegar (猪脚醋) by my mommy dearest

Mom's Pig's Trotters with Vinegar & Ginger
Originally uploaded by seraphim1970.

Great confinement dish for moms that had just given birth. My mom makes the best pig's trotters 猪脚 with ginger 姜 in black vinegar 黑醋(猪脚醋), she makes it to the right taste, just this dish with the sauce drizzled over white rice 白饭 is so yummy 很好吃! Usually she adds lean meat 廋肉in there cos I don't like pig's feet 猪脚 ... hee hee. Oh how I miss my mom's cooking when I am NYC ... boo hoo.