Thursday, 27 March 2008

NYC - Uptown - Mo's Caribbean Bar & Mexican Grill

I have to say Mo's Caribbean Bar and Mexican Grill is a cool restaurant and bar. I attended an unofficial yelp dinner event named $13.95 Lobstah Night organised by Gina C. which was so fun and enjoyable.

Reese H. and myself were the first to arrive, since it was our first yelp outing, we weren't sure what to expect or who we would meet, anyway we were seated at the 'Yelp' table and we waited. While waiting we snapped pictures, chit chatted, laughed and also enjoyed the nachos & salsa dip. Then came Peter K., Julia O., Gina C., Brandice H., Fabian T., Josh R. and Steve M.. Everyone was simply so cool, so fun and so down-to-earth, we totally had a fabulous time. Big shout-out to you cool people!

The lobster was nice, the mussels did needed some seasonings other than salt, the beer was good, with the great company, what more could we have asked for. I sure am looking forward to another fun outing soon!Photobucket