Friday, 8 February 2008

Chinese New Year ... Missing my Mommy

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year but I just am not in the mood for any celebration, the hubby was so sweet to put on Chinese movies the whole day for me but it is just so different when I am so far away from home in SingaporePhotobucket where my family is, most of all I miss my mommy so muchPhotobucket and wish I can be with her at this very moment. I couldn't help it and cried Photobucket after I spoke to her on the phone last night. You must be wondering why I am not in Singapore right? Well, since I have just started a new job, it is hard to take time off to make the big trip ... sighPhotobucket.

Yesterday the hubby and I did some cleaning and tidying up, that's what we did so far to welcome the Chinese New Year ... ha! No big feast, no decorations, just a simple day spent today.