Friday, 11 January 2008

My Cooking - Shrimp, Chicken and Tofu ... 3 Different Dishes lah. :o)

Aiyoh, I been so sickPhotobucketfor the past few days, pengsanPhotobucket big time! My gastric pain gotten so bad on Tuesday 1/8/08 that I couldn't even go to work, I was flatPhotobucket on my back the whole day with pain and chills. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I been off so I get some time to rest. HubbyPhotobucket been very sweet, he made dinner last 2 days, I had no appetite so he made chicken soup again. Now I feel somewhat better, still abit pain pain but tolerable, I been taking Alka Seltzer, panadol and hubby got me ginger ale so I can poot pootPhotobucket ... hee hee.laugh

Today I decided to do some cookingPhotobucket, never knew I would miss it ... bleh! I looked thru our very sparsely stocked fridge ... heh heh and managed to whipped upPhotobucket 3 dishes, Stir-fry Chicken with Mixed Vegetables & Onions, Mapo Tofu and Shrimp with Eggs. Everyone ate until so sedapPhotobucket including me but ate half way pain again leh ... sian lah! Bo chup, tahan and ate on ... hehehe ... tam jiakPhotobucket is like that one lah ... heh heh.Photobucket

PhotobucketThank you to those who have shown concern and sent me get well wishes!Photobucket