Friday, 18 January 2008

My Cooking - Beef, Chicken Innards, Etc ... hahaha

Just an update on some of the dishes we (Hubby & I) cooked the last week. Since I am in retail, I usually dun get home early to have dinner with the family, good thing hubby has been helpful and made dinner sometimes, I try to cook whenever I can but my job needs me to stand practically the whole day and it is tiringPhotobucket so the last thing I want to do is cook.Photobucket

My Cooking - Stir-fry Beef with Onion with Cheddar Flavored Rice and Bisquits.

I made this on Thursday since I was off. I was surprised it was so yummy ... hee hee!Photobucket

Hubby's Roast Beef with White Rice & Mixed Vegetables

My Cooking - Sambal Petai with Gizzards, Hearts, Livers & Fried Tofu

Lunch to take to work! YAY!!!! So sedap with white rice!!!Photobucket