Friday, 13 July 2007

NYC - Midtown - Go Go Curry

Couple days back, Ms A and I hung around midtown, having curiosity about the food at Go Go Curry, we checked it out, all we have to say is the place is kinda overrated, it was surprisingly not crowded at lunch time on a Tuesday when we were there. We expected a long line and we were wrong, there were many seats available and no line at the counter. We shared the Grang Slam which had like everything e.g. Chicken Katsu, Pork Katsu, Pork Sausages, Shrimp and Egg with Curry over White Rice, we were able to get a taste of everything. The Chicken & Pork Katsu and the shrimp was pretty good, the pork sausages were alittle bit salty. The curry itself is nothing to rave about, it has a tinge of curry and like alot of pepper, it was not spicy at all, kinda disappointing. For people who works around there, they have a small table outside the store that sells $5 lunchbox for lunch, should be a pretty good deal. :o)

Go Go Curry 273 W. 38th Street, New York, NY 10018