Friday, 13 July 2007

My Cooking - Tofu 'Koo Koo Shaped' Balls & Onion Omelette

The hubby surprised me today, he actually requested me to make tofu balls for dinner. I guess when he tried one the other day, he really liked it ... hee hee. It's a good start to make him eat some tofu. Of course, I had to add lots of seasonings and ingredients plus mince pork to make it tasty lah. The previous time I made them into balls and after seeing Koala-Bear's version, I made mine into 'Koo Koo Shaped' too ... hahaha. She said she was inspired to make some after viewing the tofu balls made by my cousin, Ms E in my blog, now I am inspired by the way she (Koala-Bear) shaped her tofu balls ... hahaha, how ironic right ... hahaha.

Since I forgot there were no vegetables (only frozen ones ... yucks) in the fridge, since we had eggsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and onions so I made Onion Omelette instead.