Monday, 23 April 2007

In Singapore News - Singapore Day 2007 in New York City

Yes yes, I was there. Being kiasu, we (me, Karen & Bruce) were there early, we managed to get in early and left when the crowd and heat got too much for us. I had a good time and what made it better was having Karen and Bruce's company, they made it a wonderful day for me.

IN THE SINGAPORE NEWS:Monday April 23, 12:17 PM
Overseas S'poreans flock to inaugural Singapore Day in NYC NEW YORK

Overseas Singaporeans got a taste of home at the inaugural "Singapore Day" event held in New York over the weekend. In opening the event Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng suggested that more Singapore Clubs be set up to reach out to even more Singaporeans living abroad. The event in New York's Central Park showcased the latest developments in Singapore and featured the island's food and entertainment scenes. From Canada, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey, flocked Singaporeans to Singapore's fun day. Some have been away from Singapore for years, others have yet to visit their relatives. But this day was theirs, to reconnect with Singapore, catch up with friends and of course there was the food. "We miss the food, all the food in Singapore. That's the most important for us," said one attendee. This day was also about asking expat Singaporeans to look again at their homeland, learn about the exciting developments, and perhaps consider a wide variety of career opportunities blossoming back home. Deputy Prime Minister Wong was on hand, meeting many of the 6,000 people here personally. He said, "For Singaporeans who have been away for a long time, we want them to know how Singapore has changed and how it is going to change in the next few years, and the economic opportunities that are available, in the exciting times in Asia. "And we will grow with the rest of Asia, like China and India for example, they are growing tremendously. Singapore will be part of the growth and therefore we look forward to seeing Singaporeans back in Singapore. But of course if they choose to stay overseas to gain experience, well they are free to remain so, so that they can acquire the experience and come back and serve Singapore better," said Mr Wong. And after he officially welcomed the crowd the fun really got into full swing. As well as Singapore's own Kit Chan, there were performances from Singaporean musicals and comedy. Singaporeans may have loved it but New Yorkers joined in the fun too. Not only did they bring Singaporean food and Singaporean dance but they also brought the Singaporean weather - it is the hottest day of the year so far in New York. And from one New York landmark to another - the evening's festivities are a little more formal at the New York Public Library where Singapore reached out to New York's influential business community. Here Deputy Prime Minister Wong thanked his guests and celebrated Singaporeans coming together from across the United States and beyond. But it was the event in Central Park that really got heads turning. Singapore is reaching out to its citizens around the world and here in the world city, everyone noticed.