Saturday, 21 April 2007

Friday's Dinner

Mmmmmmmm tonight we had pizza and texas toasts ... yum yum.

Note: Texas toast or garlic toast is a variation on garlic bread made from thick slices of bread that are buttered on both sides and broiled until lightly golden brown. Depending on the recipe, the butter may have seasonings such as garlic. There are various products marketed as 'Texas Toast' in stores around the United States of America that are devoid of garlic, butter, seasoning of any kind, or application of heat to induce a toast status. Some variations may have some cheeses on one or both sides. These products are essentially thick cut bread, often with a longer diagonal cross-section than typical 'Wonder-Bread' type products.
A slice of Texas toast often accompanies homestyle meals. Texas toast style bread, because of its thickness, is often used by restaurants and cafeterias for dipping into egg batter and grilling on a flat top grill to create French toast. The crust is much softer than French bread so it is easier to cut when eating. Its thickness allows it to hold together better than regular bread making a much more attractive presentation when plated.