Friday, 31 October 2008

NYC - Chelsea - Blood Manor - New York City's Premier Haunted Attraction

Last night (10/29/08) 7 of us thrill seekers(Ahmed (my hubby), Anthony, Yulisa, Cintia, Lucy, Rob (Lucy's hubby) & myself) had absolute fun at the Blood Manor, it was wasn't scary but the props and robotic ghouls were cool, not forgetting the actors/actresses (you rock!).

We had gotten tickets online but yet had to get in the long line, we got there around 7pm (they open at 7.30pm), we were in line for about over an hour before we finally got into the building where we had to go up many flights of stairs, we all had to be in a single file cos the place was very narrow. They had actors all dressed up as ghouls going up and down the line scaring people which was really fun especially when you hear people screaming and getting all scared even before they went into the building. Our group had fun joking around and lots of laughter so the wait wasn't that 'painful', wished that it wasn't a chilly night though.

The tour was about 20 minutes in the many rooms inside, before we were let in, we were told the rules and regulations, the usual no photography or what so ever and that the we are not supposed to touch the props nor the actors and vice versa though we were warned the actors will come up close to us, be in our faces or breathe down our necks, etc. So off we went in a single file which meant I couldn't grab on to my hubby and walk with my eyes closed as what I had planned before. LOL!

The rooms had various themes, e.g. slaughterhouse where chopped up human limbs were on tables (pigs were being hung in that room!), Freddy Kruger was in another room (he was all up in my face which got me all giggly and when I said 'I luv you', he said 'Oh yea?' then he started flicking his tongue up and down ... hahaha), a dining room where they had a big fat guy and his chums having their 'human' delicacies, a barbershop where the ghoul was working on a woman head ... yes, just her head, an operating room where the doctor was 'cutting' up her 'patient, a bar where they had a sexy 'pole-dancer', etc. There were guys running around with chainsaws, robotic and also human ghouls jumping out from doors and windows. Last of all, we love the 3D room where we were given special glasses to view and that was really cool, there's also a clown chasing us ... hee hee!

Overall we had a fabulous time, maybe cos we didn't go in with very high expectations thus we totally enjoyed the whole experience.