Wednesday, 9 July 2008

NYC – Lower Manhattan – Ruben’s Empanada

We were out celebrating a co-worker’s birthday at South Street Seaport and while waiting for the rest of the gang to finish work, we stopped by Ruben’s Empanadas for a snack. The baked empanadas were very good and tasty, so many choices. The small little café is neat and cosy, definitely a nice hangout place.

List of the baked empanadas:

Broccoli Chopped Broccoli with Mozzarella and Ricotta

Corn Corn with Pimentos and Onions

Mushroom Sliced Mushrooms Wit Cheddar Cheese

Potato Seasoned Mashed Potato with a Touch of Mozzarella

Spinach Chopped Spinach with Tofu & Nutmeg

Spicy Tofu Tofu Blended with Tomato, Onion, Cilantro and Chili

Beef Ground Beef Stuffed with Onins, Raisins and Spices

Chili Beef and Beans with Chili Seasoning

Chicken Chicken Breast In a Creamy Bechemel Sauce

Spicy Chicken Chicken Breast Seasoned with Tomato, Onions, Cilantro

Ham & Cheese Diced Ham with a Blend of Cheese

Tuna Tuna, Hard - Boiled Egg, Pimentos, Onion, Capers

Turkey Seasoned Group Turkey

Argentine Sausage Ground Beef, Ground Pork Sauteed In a Red Wine Sauce

Shrimp Whole Shrimp In a Creole Sauce

Cherry Empanada

Apple Empanada

Guava & Cheese Empanada

Ruben’s Empanada
64 Fulton St - Btwn Cliff & Gold St
New York, NY 10038
212 962-5330