Friday, 11 April 2008

My Cooking - Curry Chicken for Packed Lunch

Curry Chicken! Mmmmmmmm ... so yummy!

Since I was off from work the past 2 days, I stayed home to rest because my feet has been hurting due to the fact that being in retail, my job requires me to stand and walk around, no sitting down except during our breaks.

Oh well, back to my favorite topic which is food, I decided to make Curry Chicken with the ready-made curry pastes Mom got me from Singapore, all I had to do was add coconut milk and the chicken, really easy and taste so good! I have 3 packed lunches in the freezer now so all I need to do is grab and go!

Surprisingly when I was cooking, the spiciness didn't get to the Hubby, he didn't run to the room to take cover like the last time when I made the curry beef, in fact he said the curry smell really good but of course he don't dare to try lah ... hahaha!