Saturday, 29 December 2007

My Little Darlings in Singapore ...

Time really flies when we look at the little ones in our lives. It was only like yesterday that my cousin, Em was pregnant with her first babyPhotobucket, Ashleigh then along came baby AndrewPhotobucket few years later, these 2 little angelsAngels have brought some much joy to us and definitely keeps my mom's (their nanny) hands full but she lovesPhotobucket every moment of it ... hehe.Photobucket

My niece/god-daughter, Ashleigh is now 4.5 y/o, she will be starting kindergarten in the coming year, she's almost a young lady! She's a fast and keen learner, loves baking with mommyPhotobucket, likes arts and crafts, enjoys swimming, is a little ballerinaPhotobucket; does modern dancingPhotobucket. She is also a loving sister to her younger brother, AndrewPhotobucket. Ashleigh doesn't like fruits, from young she would run away at the sight of any fruits however recently I heard she started eating apples and her mom just told me she drinks apple juicePhotobucket now, that is definitely an improvement and I am so happy to hear that.

Andrew is 1.5 y/o, he's a cutie like his sister, he's full of curiosity, likes watching Blues CluesPhotobucket, enjoys toys with buttons and wheels. Andrew doesn't like to eat but he sure loves fruitsPhotobucket, total opposite from his sister.

Both of them love cookiesPhotobucket, ice creamPhotobucket, chocolatesPhotobucketand not forgetting their favorite drinkPhotobucket, 'NENG NENG' aka MilkPhotobucket ... heh heh.PhotobucketThey both enjoys drawing and coloringPhotobucket.

We lovePhotobucket these 2 babies very much and treat them just like our own! Godma misses you much and hope to see you soon ok!Photobucket