Friday, 23 November 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving this year, we had it at my brother-in-law, Steve & his wife, Gina's home that is like less than 10 minutes walk from our home. The hubby started cooking the 20lbs turkey for about 5 hours at 325F at around 12.15am last night while I made the mashed potatoes this morning though I had already peeled the skin off and soaked them in water since yesterday ... heh heh. Gina had prepared ham in brown sugar syrup, macaroni & cheese, corns and canned cranberry sauce. Everything turned out great and delicious, we had a really good time, I am all stuffed up now that I think I will gobble my way to work tomorrow ... hehehe ... oh yea, I have leftovers to bring to work too, YAY!