Thursday, 19 July 2007

NYC - Brooklyn - Coney Island

It was a fun Tuesday! Ms A and I started the day meeting at 42nd Times Square subway station and took the Q train which took us directly to Coney Island. We were equipped with our cameras, water bottles, shades, etc. for the nice and hot day till it got a little too hot for us ... hee hee. The train ride was about 1 hour and by the time we arrived, we were hungry and headed straight to Nathan's for some hot dogs ... YAY! It was a weekday and not that crowded, however the service staff were moving in slow-motion so that no doubt created a line. When it got to our turns, we got the Original Hot Dog (for myself), Pepper & Onion Hot Dog (Ms A) and Garlic Sauce Fries. Since I wanted to get the Clam Order, they told me to go to another counter to get it, how smart! The eatery isn’t even that big! Oh well … no comments. We finally got our food together and settled to eat, it was yummy and enjoyable, we even had a beer each … heh heh. After eating, we headed out to the Boardwalk and started snapping away, if you want to see more pictures, CLICK HERE.