Wednesday, 23 May 2007

New Jersey - Atlantic City

On Monday May 21 2007, I went to Atlantic City, NJ with my mother-in-law for a fun day where she played the slot machines in the casino while I enjoyed walking along the boardwalk taking pictures and ate junk food (hee hee!).

On the bus ride there, she packed a bag of goodies consisting of sandwiches, bananas, donuts, mini chicken drumsticks, so much food lah but we end up sharing a beef sandwich and each had a banana.

The moment we got there, she jumped straight for the slot machines and sent me on my merryway to the boardwalk where I people watched, took loads of pictures, not forgetting I got a bad sunburn on the back of my neck! I give myself a naughty treat of sugar-free butter-pecan ice cream which was sooooooooooooo good, later on I had a slice of mushroom pizza , so unhealthy but it made me felt goooooooood ... hahaha.

For dinner, I had hamburger and fries which filled me up big time ... BURP!

It was overall an enjoyable day for both of us. To check out the pictures, click here