Friday, 13 April 2007

Rice Porridge and preserved vegetables.

Rice Porridge

Preserved turnip aka chai por 菜脯 with dried shrimp aka hei bee 虾仁.

Preserved nuts with red beans in spicy sauce. Definitely for those with weak teeth ... hee hee.

Preserved szechuan vegetable with lots of chopped garlic and spicy sauce.

I am a teochew brought up eating lots of rice porridge /粥/稀饭, till this day I still love eating that with lots of accompanying side dishes especially all kinds preserved vegetables. When I was back in Singapore, my family would have stir-fry stingray with bittergourd 苦瓜, stir-fry szechuan vegetables with pork strips, fried salted fish, chai por 菜脯 egg 蛋 (preserved turnip), squid with salted vegetables 咸菜 (mustard green), salted duck egg 咸蛋, braised pork & eggs卤肉卤蛋, and many more dishes ... yummy yum yum.很好吃.