Saturday, 7 April 2007

Singapore - CNY Loh Hei 鱼生

CNY Loh Hei
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This is a popular dish during Chinese New Year in Singapore. Nearly everyone would have tossed Yu Sheng at least once during the Chinese New Year holidays, with some chalking up multiple tosses under their belt. Punning on the words, “Yu Sheng”, which literally means raw fish, it auspiciously meant abundance and growth. Just what we need every New Year, the Chinese thought. What better way, then to embody these symbols of good luck by eating them!

Yet this entrenched tradition is very much a recent Singapore invention, with it gaining popularity only in the last twenty years! Different theories suggest Yu Sheng was either created and popularised by Cantonese restaurants in Singapore or of its Teochew antecedents. As to what is fact and what is fiction, will require some research to put the matter at rest.

The following recipe is somewhat "modern" with the use of salmon, a imported fish that gained popularity in the Chinese food market only in recent years. Before, other local "white flesh fish" was used

Beyond all that, this is just a wonderfully delicious salad!