Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Mee Pok - Singapore vs New York Chinatown

Singapore version of Mee Pok Tah from Bishan St 22 koti tiam

Mee Pok in New York Chinatown!!!
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At Bo Ky Vietnamese Restaurant, very good mee pok tah with lots of ingredients (you can see the mee pok is fully covered!). A sure visit for KT when she goes to NYC, we can go almost everyday during her stay ... hahahaha.

Mee pok (Traditional Chinese: 麪薄; Simplified Chinese: 面薄; pinyin: miàn báo) is a type of Chinese noodle that is flat and yellow, often varying in thickness and width. The dish is of Teochew origin and is eaten in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The noodle dish is usually served tossed in a sauce (where it is often referred to, though inapropriately as "dry", or "tah" in Min nan/Hokkien), though sometimes served in a soup (where it is referred to as "soup", or "terng"). Meat and vegetables are also placed on top.
Mee pok can be categorised into two variants,
fish ball mee pok (hee wan mee), and minced meat mushroom mee pok (bak chor mee). Bak chor mee is usually exclusively made with flat noodles only, whilst hee wan mee can be made with other types of noodles. See Chinese noodles for more information on other noodle types.
Mee pok is a staple offering in hawker centres and
coffee shops in Singapore, usually more than one stall would be selling it, together with other Chinese noodle dishes.

Note: Thank you Wikipedia for the description.