Friday, 30 March 2007

Singapore - Chinese Birthday Buns 壽包

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Ever wonder why the chinese birthday buns 壽包 are shaped like the bum bum? (read below) ... hahaha. I may get a BIG BIG one instead of a birthday cake when I celebrate my 50th birthday which will be in 13 years!!!! OMG!!! Whoa!!! (KT, stop laughing cos you are the same age as me, actually you be reaching there first and I will get you a BIGGER one!!! hahaha !!!)

Well according to some saying, sou tou, the mythic peaches planted in the pavilions of paradise ripe every 5000 years and anyone who's lucky enough to have a bite of it can become immortal as well. So the peach always has the symbolic meaning of longevity in our culture. But to wait for the in-season of it is such an ordeal itself, let alone a heavenly 5000 years! Thus, sou bao 壽包, the steamed bun kneaded and colored to the outlook of the peach, came to the rescue.The most popular fillings for the sou bao are the red bean paste and the red dates paste.